Past, Present, and Future……….

My beautiful daughter

My beautiful daughter

She is magnificent. Has been since the beginning. Her first little grunt, that crinkle of her nose; my heart melted in an instant. I have watched her use the tiniest movements of a baby’s kick to running the 1600m race as part of the track team. I held the littlest baby compared once to a doll and now gaze upon the young lady taller than myself.

All innocence from the beginning. Ready to conquer the world. She has me trembling with what she has accomplished and what is yet to come. As my dear daughter enters high school and the next stage of her life I hope I can keep up with as much charm as has been shown by her.

I know that one day she may leave me and I am working towards being able to accept it gracefully for I know she will return. She will make her mark on the world this daughter of mine and all my support, hope and love will be here for her.  There is magic in the air with this one!

My almost High-Schooler

My almost High-Schooler

P.S. Fair warning to everyone.. Be prepared for a world takeover.  Kara has embraced life and everything it has to offer.  She will not take no for an answer and she will get what she wants!


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