The Beach Way


Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!
My family and I have had an amazing day. Living at the beach has allowed us to enjoy holidays on a new level. We attended a sunrise service on the beach with our toes in the sand. Oh, and what beautiful imagery nature provided for us today; Sun rising, pelicans flying over the water, and waves crashing to shore . You couldn’t help but have a smile on your face.









Galveston has definitely spoiled me. I’m not sure I will ever be able to go back from doing things the “beach way”. Life is laid back, relaxed, and doesn’t start exactly on time here. It’s kind of like the scenery mesmerizes you and you don’t have a choice. Even if you were to get in a hurry it wouldn’t matter as no-one else is. You’d be all alone on that one!


Sunrise WaterSunrise 2










Our life wasn’t always this “relaxed”. We were a military family for many years. Both my husband and myself were active duty military (and you might as well include the kids with everything they had to do) with very strict schedules. We lived on a military post where everyone had strict schedules and moved with such precision. “Laid back” just didn’t fit in this place. Everyone had a million things to get done, a million places to go and all before 6:30 a.m.

It was an easy choice for me when the time came for me to be released from active duty. I wanted to give my kids a break and I definitely needed one too. Living at the beach with its leisurely atmosphere has provided that break for us and showed us a new way of life where we can notice the little details of day to day living. It was hard at first as our minds literally rebelled at the idea of sleeping past 5 a.m., but we have grown accustomed to it and now realize we can accomplish just as much if not more if we sleep in until 7. My kids are especially thankful for that and it looks like we are going to be doing things the “beach way” for quite a while.

Thankful in Galveston.




All photos used by permission from Adrien Hook.  He’s 11 and already has a great talent for photography.