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Easter at the Beach

Galveston TX, has a lot to offer for Easter 2014.  Rainforest Cafe is offering an Easter Adventure on April 12th.

Rainforest Cafe Easter

Rainforest Cafe Easter

Search for the Golden Egg!

Moody gardens will be offering their annual Easter in the Gardens.  There will be face painting, and games for prizes.  They will also have an Easter Sunday buffet.

Moody Gardens Egg Hunt

Moody Gardens Egg Hunt


Many of Galveston’s Historic churches will be holding Holy week and Easter Services.  Please check out Galveston Churches for a list of churches in Galveston.  Also, Seaside Baptist Church in Jamaica Beach will be holding their annual Sunrise Service followed by breakfast at the church and an egg hunt for the kids.


You can also check out Galveston’s home page for all the info on Galveston you could ever need.  You can find all the events in Galveston as well as make hotel reservations. (you know you were going to,  I mean who could pass up spending Easter at the Beach?)  There are some really great rates on hotels and your reservation will be guaranteed.  A lot of the hotels will offer packages and discounts for Easter.

P.S. If none of these options are your style you could always have an egg hunt on the beach.  Free of Charge!

Happy Easter

Aliens at the Beach


Waiting for the Parade to Start

Waiting for the Parade to Start

Galveston Texas is full of all kinds of adventure but some things definitely surprise me and when I say that Galveston is for everyone I MEAN it!

Aliens have been spotted in Galveston.  Yes , Aliens.  And what does one do when you come across an alien?  Well, you take them to Mardi-Gras of course!  Oh, that’s right.  Galveston is also home to Mardi-Gras.  There are parties and parades for all ages and all types (aliens).  It never ceases to amaze me that this little city offers so much.  I am never bored here and the people are some of the friendliest.

Welcome Aliens!


Alien enjoying Mardi Gras

Alien enjoying Mardi Gras



I have been seeing serious athletes riding their bicycles all week in front of my house as they prepare for the triathlon on Saturday April 6th.  I live on the west end of Galveston Island on the direct route of the Memorial Hermann Ironman triathlon.  These athletes have been steadily training and it has really brought to my attention how out of shape I am as I sit on my deck with my sweet tea watching them pedal by.  But, that is the joy that is Galveston.  If you want to take it easy you can.  If you are a serious athlete and feel the need to compete we have that too.  Beautiful views, warm sand and cool water; What more could you ask for?

When I looked up the details of the triathlon  I realized its actually  a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike race.   A race?  After swimming and then biking for 56 miles is it really a race or just a lets see who makes it kind of thing?  I’m not sure but what I am sure of is I’ll be on my deck for this one.  Happy Pedaling!


4-6-14   9:56 am

Its drizzling a little here in Galveston but these bicyclers are undeterred.  I really have to give them credit for their level of fitness and determination.  Its also kinda serene watching them go by.

photo 2


photo 1

For more information on Galveston or on the Ironman triathlon please check out the links below.