Playas Sirena


Playas sirena is spanish for mermaid beaches. English and Spanish are spoken in our home regularly. I wanted to incorporate this into my blog while also staying true to myself.

My dream finally came true in 2010 when we closed on our very first house, a Beach House! I have wanted a beach house since I was a little girl and now I have one. Hence the name ,Mermaid Beaches (doesn’t hurt that I love all things mermaid).

Beautiful View

Beautiful View

Its kind of like those dreams you have in life for your future where everything is all planned out; great job, marriage, house, family, dog. Well, in my life those things aren’t exactly going in that order. I have the marriage, house and family but 2 cats replaced the dog and I’m still working on the great job. (the house was a biggie and makes up for a lot!)

Also, does it matter that I really like mermaids but don’t have any? I guess my blog can be my first real “mermaid” item.

P.S. My husband is an artist and can draw mermaids(or anything for that matter) like there is no tomorrow and I still don’t have my mermaid. Go figure………