Life of a Citizen (Actually Documented)

I am more than willing to share my country (yes, mine not yours) but not by hostile takeover. I too have struggled and with media outlets such as CNN telling me that it is my moral obligation to help the rest of the world (my global neighbors) regardless of the jeopardy I may place my family in,  I felt the need to highlight the “REAL” American Dream.

An American Nightmare Dream

1. Work

2. Pay taxes

3. Pay more taxes

4. Help your global neighbors worldwide as apparently there is not a country on this earth that could make it on its own without the United States – this equals $$ from your pocket

5. Help your global neighbors that are in your country – once again, $$ from your pocket

6. Watch, listen , and read as your government hands out your tax dollars to everyone but U.S. citizens

7. Take care of yourself and family – if there is anything left
Note: for help with this step please send enquiries to:

POTUS Pay My Bills
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20500

Please remember that this option is only available for NON-citizens. If you are actually documented requesting assistance at the above address will NOT work.

8. Cry at night in your cardboard box under a bridge as you watch buses drive by and chartered planes fly overhead carrying NON-citizens, illegal, and undocumented (as in should not be here) to their American dream of financial freedom and our government paying for everything from food and shelter, to medical care. (I mean that’s what taxes are for right?) Yes, we do have obamacare for citizens but, how many are still uninsured because they fall in the gap of not making enough for a government subsidy but, make too much for Medicaid?

Where is the moral obligation to the United States, our citizens, and families? Can’t pay your bills? Are you a citizen? Yes. Can’t help you. Our government has chosen (because they felt it in their heart and you should too) to ensure the well-being of the rest of the world and Americans last. Our humanitarian crises are being ignored (homeless, veterans, single-moms, single-dads; wait, I’ll just stop this list as ALL American citizens should be included). Funding for all domestic programs has been cut, and why?

Because Americans are not a priority in America.
(We still want your money though)